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Do You Know What Is The French ETN Certification for Racking Systems?

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Do You Know What Is The French ETN Certification for Racking Systems?

Do You Know What Is The French ETN Certification for Racking Systems?

October 09, 2023

Required Certification! ETN Certification for PV Racking Systems for Rooftop Projects in France

After Intersolar 2023 in Munich, Germany, the French ETN certification for PV module racking systems has been on the radar of more and more Chinese racking manufacturers. As of September 2023, although no Chinese racking manufacturer has yet obtained the French ETN certification, more and more Chinese racking manufacturers in the market have started to enquire about or plan for the certification application, planning to enter the French rooftop market. At the same time, most Chinese module manufacturers are also arranging to enter the ETN white list of French racking manufacturers in order to gain entry into the French rooftop and car park PV roofing market.

French ETN certification


What is the French ETN certification for racking systems?


ETN (Etude de Technique Nouvelle) - Etude de Technique Nouvelle - is a technical study carried out by the French Control Office and the Centre de Science et Technique de la Construction (CSTC) on the compatibility of the racking system and PV modules, checking the overall system's waterproofing, mechanical resistance, protection against wind, resistance to compression, fire risk, and other key points and feasibility in different geographical areas.


The ETN certification for mounting systems in France is awarded to the manufacturer of the mounting system by a qualified certification body after testing and evaluating the mounting system and its matching components. ETN certified mounting manufacturers can work with different PV module manufacturers to add their modules to the white list of mounting installers, proving the compatibility of the modules and the mounting system.


In terms of necessity, before implementing a French rooftop PV and carport PV installation project, the installer's insurance company usually requires an ETN certification from the racking system manufacturer, as well as verification that the module products used in the project have been entered into the whitelist of that racking manufacturer, in order to validate the safety of the installation system and grant the installer ten years of insurance coverage. Without ETN certification, neither the bracket manufacturer nor the module manufacturer can be on the installer's supplier list. ETN certification is therefore essential for both bracket and component manufacturers entering roofing and carport projects in France.

French ETN certification for racking systems

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