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Longi Solar Cell Patent


Longi Solar Cell Patent

  • LONGi Green Energy applies for a solar cell patent to improve cell efficiency. Jan 22, 2024
    On 17th January 2024, according to the announcement of the State Intellectual Property Office, LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. applied for a patent titled "Electrode Metallisation Method of Solar Cells, Modules, and Systems", with Publication No. CN117410382A, and the filing date of November 2023, the abstract shows that the application discloses a metallization method of electrodes of solar cells, modules, and systems. According to the patent's abstract, the present application discloses a method of metalizing electrodes of a solar cell, module, and system. Among other things, said electrode metallization method comprises: preparing a conductive metallic material layer on a doped region; preparing a dielectric layer on a silicon substrate and said metallic material layer; and treating said dielectric layer to expose said metallic material layer to obtain a metallic electrode. The electrode metallization method of the embodiments of the present application ensures that reliably exposing the electrode does not damage the passivation contact, and at the same time has an annealing effect on the metallic material layer, which optimizes the ohmic contact between the metallic material layer and the doped region, and thus improves the efficiency of the battery.  
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